Bridging the gap

SciTree is a startup, created by the team of Stanford University online course students from Sweden, Philippines, USA, and Russia. SciTree is a member of Microsoft BizSpark. SciTree is a social enterprise, aiming at improvement of knowledge sharing in scientific community and providing connections with business for solution of the real life problems.

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What is SciTree about? Our goal is to create a new system of communication and learning about science, without deficiencies of the current scientific communication structure. Just compare:

INSTEAD: verbose and hard to read articles in peer-review journals. WILL BE: short statements of what was actually done, and forums to discuss these news.
INSTEAD: long and exhausting peer-review process WILL BE: immediate communication with the peers.

What is special about it?

Unlike current scientific social networks (, SciTree:

      1. Does not copy offline structures of science presentation, but make it more effective.
      2. Is focused upon real life problems.
      3. Have the system of ratings, where scientists can rate the news.
      4. Uses data mining algorithms combined with human analysis for mapping of the science progress

The system is under development. Visit us again to see the science as it was never seen!